Sabotanic Garden feat. Handa Gote (FIN/CZ/MEX)
Experimental performance with film and live music.
Pasi Mäkelä, Jussi Saivo, Martin Klapper, Tomáš Procházka, Cristina Maldonado, Petra Lustigová, Niina Lehtonen Braun, Vladimir Burian
Sat 24.10.2015
Studio 64 _ Mostecká 21

Duration approx. 1h20min.
Loosely based on famous comic book character Phantom (FANTOM), created by Lee Falk in 1930´s.
Sabotanic Garden premiers and performs its own version of Phantom combining film together with improvised music and physical performance.

FANTOM appears and disappears trough seemingly disconnected dreamlike episodes. We encounter the evil tent, ski in the jungle, are haunted by ghosts, fight with women wrestlers etc. The mystic shadows of dark depths are awakening! 
FANTOM is a bizarre hommage to super heroes.

This is a premier of the film FANTOM by Sabotanic Garden and experimental film maker Martin Klapper. FANTOM.
Film was shot in 2014 on 8mm film and is screened now for the first time in old ruins of U Hradeb cinema in the heart of Prague. FANTOM

Key words: experimental cinema, free jazz, underground comics, horror, slapstick, site specific, occultism,
psychedelic, action heroes, magic, FANTOM

Sabotanic Garden is Finnish experimental performance and music group established 2007. Performed several times in Czech Republic. Also in France, Germany, Estonia, U.S.A. and in Finland. 
Now working together with Czech experimental theatre Handa Gote research&development, known for strong and progressive audiovisual output.